Spinal Health Week Raises Awareness of Safety and Injury Prevention

For Immediate Release(RICHMOND, B.C., 1 MAY, 2012) In addition to spring-cleaning and gardening season, the month of May also ushers in Spinal Health Week, a national spine awareness campaign running from May 1 – 7. The British Columbia Chiropractic Association (BCCA) would like to take this opportunity to remind the public about the importance of proper spine care and injury prevention throughout all facets of life: Home, work, play and travel.Work place incidents, car accidents, sports injuries, poor posture, household chores and the stress of daily living all have the potential to cause painful joint and spinal problems, from child to senior. Even popular springtime activities such as gardening and a round of golf are not without risk. Because many of these tasks are routine, it is easy to understand why back and neck injuries are so commonplace.Eighty percent of all British Columbians will experience symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, headaches or impaired movement that are related to an underlying spine condition. Even more startling, at least one in every three medical related visits is for a musculoskeletal issue. Many, if not most of these visits can be avoided through proper care and attention. Unfortunately the majority of the population does not give their back a second thought until it is too late and the pain has already set in.“Every morning when we get up we see our eyes, our teeth and our face in the mirror” says Dr. Don Nixdorf, Executive Director of the BCCA. “We don’t stop to think about how our spine is doing because we simply can’t see it.”One of the BCCA’s primary goals is to improve the public’s understanding of their spines before they experience pain or injury. With support from partners, the BCCA has developed several successful programs in an effort to engage the public in back health. Some of these programs include Think Twice, Lift Once for workplace safety, Pack it Light, Wear it Right backpack tips for students and After the Crash for injured motorists. Information on these and other programs is available through BC’s 1100 chiropractic doctors and on the BCCA website: www.bcchiro.comThe 24 vertebrae, multiple bone joints, discs and associated nerves that make up the spine are critical to daily health. The BCCA encourages all British Columbians to utilize these resources and talk to their family chiropractor to support their wellness and prevent painful injuries.Read the original release Spinal Health Week Raises Awareness of Safety and Injury Prevention

B.C.’s Trucking Industry Launches Moving & Lifting Safety Campaign

For Immediate Release(RICHMOND, BC, March 16, 2012) – The British Columbia Chiropractic Association (BCCA) gives applause to the Trucking Safety Council of British Columbia (TSCBC) for the release of their safety video “Preparing for Work.” This brief but informative resource is the first in a series of six instructional safety videos that were developed to educate and encourage safer work practices.The trucking profession involves more than just driving for long periods of time. In fact, manual handling of loads and goods is a major factor when it comes to injuries in this line of work. TSCBC’s latest video campaign hopes to mitigate these risks through education and reinforcement of lifting, carrying and handling principles. Safety in the workplace is at the heart of the program’s messaging.With these new resources, employers now have another tool at their disposal for training workers and limiting workplace injuries. In addition, all videos will be available online for the public’s review upon release through the TSCBC’s website (www.safetydriven.ca and YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/SafetyDrivenBC).The videos were created in partnership with the Association of Canadian Ergonomists. The BCCA is also pleased to support the production of these unique assets as they address some of the most common risks associated with back and neck injuries.Musculoskeletal conditions account for one third of all medical office visits and hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation claims and lost productivity annually. Education through programs such as the TSCBC’s video series are key to preventing accidents and injury in the workplace.Read the original release B.C.’s Trucking Industry Launches Moving & Lifting Safety Campaign

The Dr. Don show adds Penticton to their “growing” radio network!

For Immediate Release(RICHMOND, B.C., 20 October 2011) – South Okanagan residents will soon be able to get their weekly dose of wellness through the radio. Astral Radio’s health program called “The Dr. Don Show: It’s Your Health, It’s Your Life” will broadcast on Penticton’s 800AM EZ Rock live every Monday night at 7:00 pm beginning Monday, October 24. The syndicated open-line show has already found success with three other BC radio stations, AM650 Vancouver, AM1150 Kelowna and CFTK AM Terrace, with 800 EZ Rock Penticton bringing the total to four.“We are thrilled to introduce the new health program to the Penticton audience.” says Dr. Don Nixdorf, chiropractor, British Columbia Chiropractic Association (BCCA) Executive Director and host of the Dr. Don Show. “This is our commitment to achieving the goal of empowering British Columbians to take control of their health and make more informed health decisions.”Sponsored by the BCCA, the program focuses on all perspectives of health care, features research and discusses policy in an effort to inform the public about their role in their health. National and international guests with expertise in health, wellness and the politics of Medicare are featured each week, providing an honest view of topics discussed. Whether you are concerned about skin cancer detection or want to learn more about seniors living, Dr. Don invites the audience to listen and call in. Thanks to the power of the internet, “listeners” can also watch the show online through live video at am650.com.Every person is responsible for their own health and it is time to take control. The BCCA encourages everyone that is concerned about the state of health care to tune in each Monday evening at 7:00pm to the Astral Radio Network.Read the original release Dr Don radio show adds Penticton to network

College of Chiropractors of British Columbia 2011 Board Election Results

For Immediate Release(RICHMOND, B.C., 12 October 2011) – The College of Chiropractors of British Columbia (CCBC) congratulates all newly elected board members and extends their appreciation to former members for their contributions.The College would like to recognize Dr. Brad Dickson, former CCBC Chair who concluded his term with the board in September. Dr. Dickson’s contributions have been invaluable, with time served on both College and Association boards.New leaders take the helm for the college with Dr. David Olson appointed as Chair and Dr. Shannon Patterson appointed as Vice-Chair. Newly elected Dr. Enrique Domingo joins the CCBC board as member.Going forward with new leadership, the CCBC board remains dedicated to ensuring the delivery of quality health care for all British Columbians.Read the original release CCBC 2011 board election results