Thriving in Career

Advice from a BC practitioner:

“Difficult start in my first year. Had to work in other positions and industries to pay rent.”

Many chiropractors found out that practice was slower than expected the first few years after graduation. We will review the following fundamentals of a practice, and how they equally impact chiropractic success:

Identifying your Practice Location

Advice from a BC practitioner:

"Look at locations in an under-served area (there are still some of these around). Don't go places where there are already 10 new grads starting out."

Before signing up for the first practice opportunity, which may be unfavorable to your long-term lifestyle (e.g. long commute for a 4-hour working day) or career goals (e.g. the type of practice is not preferred), let’s consider the following:

Personal Considerations

Do you plan on growing your family in the next few years? If so, what are your requirements in regards to available education services, the type neighbourhood, resources near by etc...? How far are you willing to commute to work?

Business Considerations

Tip 1:

You would seek advice when buying a home, why not when it comes to your practice?

  • Have you reviewed your finances with an accountant or financial planner to identify the affordability should you consider to own a practice, lease a room or working for someone?

Tip 2:

In the initial stages of your career, are you comfortable practicing on every patient demographic and joining any type of practice?

  • This may assist with debt repayment, while gaining experience, learning about the community and recognizing your ideal practice.

Tip 3:

Check out the illustration below in regards to how practice area impacts your career.

  • Have you identified if there is a specific patient population interest you may have (e.g. seniors, athletes, pediatrics), and which practice technique is popular with the community?
  • Have you researched other health professionals (e.g. registered massage therapists, physiotherapists, chiropractors) in the area to identify if there is a saturation in the market?

Choosing your Practice Location

Advice from a BC practitioner:

"I drove around my home community and found a place for lease in a good location."

Urban vs. Suburban vs. Rural Areas

Let's review the advantages and disadvantages of practicing in various areas across BC.


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