Give Your Back a Holiday

Vacations can be a great opportunity to relax and recharge. Whether you’re flying to a tropical destination or simply heading up to the cabin, holidays are always a welcome event. Despite the time away, I often see patients after their recent vacation or a long weekend. Why? Because they didn’t consider their back during their vacation. Here are a couple things that are far too often overlooked that will help you remain injury free during your next holiday:1) Pack it Light – It doesn’t just apply to your child’s backpack. Be considerate of what you pack in your suitcase as it follows you around for the duration of your holiday. A heavy suitcase can wreak havoc on your spine.2) Watch those lifts – One of the most common causes of back and spine injury is lifting. This includes picking up those bags and placing them in and out of the trunk of your car. Lifts over the head put you at an increased risk of injury so be extra careful when lifting your luggage in and out of the overhead storage containers on airplanes.3) Vacations usually involve long commutes. If you are travelling by car, take advantage of some rest stops along the way to allow yourself and your passengers to stretch. When taking a trip by plane, get up every so often to stretch and walk the aisles [once the captain switches off the seatbelt sign of course!].4) Keep well hydrated. Our bodies are at least 60% water so it makes sense that we need to drink plenty of water. Bring bottles of water or fluids along with you for especially long commutes.5) Stay calm and try to relax. Travelling can be stressful. Keep your eye on the prize… your destination ahead or if you’re heading home, think of all of the wonderful new memories that you made.
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  1. Natalie Darcy
    Natalie Darcy says:

    It is interesting that you would suggest to pack a light suitcase. Oddly enough, this had never occurred to me before. I often over-pack to be extra prepared, but I certainly don’t want to be creating more stress on my back. I appreciate such a detailed article on this specific subject. I will keep your advice in mind for the next time I travel, thank you!


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