College of Chiropractors of BC

The College of Chiropractors of British Columbia (CCBC) is the licensing and regulatory body for the profession. All chiropractors must be licensed through the CCBC in order to practice in BC. The CCBC’s primary responsibility is to protect the public by setting the minimum standards to practice, establishing guidelines, and ensuring ongoing clinical competency of chiropractic doctors. The CCBC also receives complaints regarding the conduct of chiropractors from the public, investigating each concern and acting on these as appropriate.

How the CCBC can help you


The CCBC represents your questions & concerns about chiropractors & the profession.

Registration and renewals

In order to practice in British Columbia, chiropractic doctors must be registered through the CCBC.

charter of rights

Chiropractic patients in British Columbia have rights

Standards and Legislation

Find out more about how the CCBC sets and upholds the standards and legislation for BC chiropractors.