Chiropractic Fees

The BCCA establishes its chiropractic fees through a process that includes surveying chiropractors all across British Columbia. The chiropractic fees for initial consultation and subsequent office (treatment) visit suggested here are averages and are established by free market competition acting on each chiropractor in each office across the province. Please note that individual chiropractors may charge more or less.

The current initial and subsequent chiropractic fees are based on spring 2018 data. The two chiropractic fees were approved during the 2018 AGM on November 3rd.

Consultation & Treatment Fees

Chiropractic Fees (2018)

Initial consultation: $91.00
Subsequent office visit: $58.00
House calls*: $100.00
Emergency calls**: $100.00
Consultation***: $130.00

*Does not include travel expenses.
**Including nights, holidays and days when the office is usually closed.
***Applies to a member of a designated Fellowship who receives a referral for consultation. Fellowships are designated by the College of Chiropractors of BC.

NOTE: The fees listed are a guideline only, individual chiropractic office fees may vary depending on factors such as practice location, services offered etc.

Chiropractic X-Ray & Reading Fees (Under Review)

X-Ray Fees:
Cervical spine - 4 views or less: $72.10
Cervical spine - Davis series: $98.20
Thoracic spine - 4 views or less: $72.10
Lumbar spine - 4 views or less: $72.10
Additional films*: $13.20
Any combined series: $144.10
Extremities: $72.10

Reading Fees:
Any one area: $24.80
Two or more areas: $40.80
Three or more views: $52.50
Extremities** (minimum two views): $40.00

* Any one film, any area in addition to the four or less series (does not apply combined series). 
** Extremities are articulations other than the spine, such as knees, elbows, and shoulders.

NOTE: The fees listed are a guideline only, individual chiropractic office fees may vary.

Medical Services Plan (MSP)

Medical Services Plan of BC provides partial coverage only for persons on premium assistance. Other fees related to x-ray examinations, insurance reports and requested letters not insured otherwise are the patient’s responsibility.

Only those MSP beneficiaries with premium assistance status qualify for MSP coverage including treatment of spine and related conditions by chiropractic doctors. For assistance to determine your eligibility speak with your family chiropractor and consult the Government of BC Ministry of Health website.

Extended Health Plan Benefits

Extended health plan benefits will often reimburse for fees not covered by the BC Medical Services Plan. This information is available from your employer. Receipts are available from your chiropractic office and should be sent to your extended health benefits carrier. Many offices are able to provide direct billing to your insurance provider.

Consult your employer for required reimbursement forms. No referral is required to consult a chiropractor.


Veterans and RCMP members may be eligible for health benefits including office fees and x-ray fees when attending a chiropractic doctor.

Forms are usually available from DVA or RCMP and should be taken to your chiropractic doctor for completion. No referral is required to consult a chiropractic doctor.


Chiropractic office visit fees, reports and x-rays are paid by WorkSafeBC for work related injuries. Workers are also covered for wage loss benefits while under the care of their family chiropractor.

Injured persons should consult their doctor of chiropractic immediately following injury. No referral is required to consult a chiropractic doctor.


Coverage is provided for office visits and x-rays for injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents. Injured persons should consult their chiropractic doctor as soon as possible following the accident. No referral is required to consult a chiropractic doctor.

Please speak with your chiropractor regarding office fees and related procedures. Your chiropractor will provide, upon request, a medical legal report and attend court when requested by your or ICBC’s lawyer.

Legal Fees

The following are chiropractic fees for legal reports and related activities. Chiropractors may charge more or less for these reports and activities as circumstances warrant. It is important to clarify certain issues in writing prior to agreeing to do any chiropractic legal work, including but not limited to:

  • Who is responsible for payment?
  • What rate will you be charging for your work? (Are any of your office fees applicable to the work?)
  • What will you charge in the event of short term cancellation?
  • Will you charge for waiting time prior to testifying, and if so, at what rate?
  • When will payment be due?

NOTE: Legal fees are currently under review by the Association.

Brief Written Summary

A capsule summary of a patient’s history, present condition or illness, diagnosis and treatment, up to two pages in length – may include a limited prognosis.

Fee: $250.00

Chiropractic (Medical) Legal Report

A detailed report that includes the following:

  • History of present illness, accident or condition, including past history and previous treatment
  • History of subjective complaints in order of severity
  • Objective examination findings
  • X-ray findings (if applicable)
  • Diagnosis and relationship to mechanism of injury
  • Description of treatment and progress (including dates of treatment)
  • Aggravating, contributing or complicating factors
  • Analysis of present limitations to work and activities of daily living, as well as prognostic information about when the patient will be able to return to work (may mention whether there will be a permanent disability).

Fee: $700.00 - $1,500.00

Chiropractic Legal Opinion

A detailed opinion that may include the information contained in a Chiropractic (Medical) Legal Report, but in addition, will entail exercise of the chiropractor’s expert knowledge and judgment.

This may be opinion as to the course of events when these cannot be known for sure, and can include opinion as to the long term consequences and possible complications in the further development of the condition. This may also be opinion in relation to issues such as the appropriate standard of care or causation of injuries.

The Association recommends charging an hourly rate for this type of report because the amount of work required will vary greatly depending on the complexity of the underlying facts and the questions posed.

Fee: $220.00/hour

Preparation & Consultation Time

Time spent either in consultation with a lawyer as an expert on issues pertaining to the practice of chiropractic or in preparation for a court appearance.

Fee: $220.00/hour

NOTE: Under the Rules of the BC Supreme Court (Appendix C, Schedule 3, s. 4) “a reasonable sum” is payable in advance for preparation for an appearance further to a subpoena. The sum that is appropriate depends upon such factors as the length of the preparation time and the skill and training to be applied. Generally speaking, however, the witness’s ordinary earnings are not an appropriate measure for the amount to be paid. It is recommended that a chiropractor who wishes to receive compensation for preparation contact the lawyer of the subpoenaing party or, if there is no lawyer, the subpoenaing party directly to discuss what sum is appropriate. However, a chiropractor should never refuse to obey a subpoena because compensation has not been paid. Subpoenas are not optional, you must appear to the court as advised by the subpoena. 

Testimony in Court

This charge applies only when the chiropractor is called to give expert evidence in court. It is recommended that you discuss your status and the nature of your testimony with the requesting party well in advance of the court date. This fee item is not billable when attendance results from a subpoena.


  • $1,500.00/day
  • $800.00/half day

Failure of Notification of Court Adjournment or Out-of-Court Settlement

This charge applies where the patient or legal counsel fails to give 2 working days’ notice of cancellation of court or other legal appearances. This fee item does not apply when attendance was required by subpoena.

Fee: $1,000.00

Photocopy of Records

This includes retrieval, review, copying, and forwarding of information. Fees for the copying of x-rays are not included in this guide, as they are determined in large part by the facility providing this service.


  • Review of records: $35.00*
  • Copying of records: $1.25 per page for first 10 pages and $.30 per page for all subsequent pages

*Should a Review of a Patients Record involve substantial time and resources so as not to be considered brief; reasonable additional charges may be added.

NOTE: Under section 32(2) of the Personal Information Protection Act chiropractors may only charge “a minimal fee” to produce personal records requested by a patient. This fee should not be “a barrier to access” the records. For more information, please refer to the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC website.