Chiropractic does work

Chiropractic is effective and chiropractic does work. Research into the effectiveness of chiropractic is ongoing and has shown that many patients do benefit from this care[ref] Spinal Manipulation Can Alleviate Back Pain, Study Concludes, accessed at:, April 11, 2017[/ref]. Even more significant is that more than 1 million British Columbians per year visit their family chiropractor to recover from workplace accidents, car crashes, sports injuries or aches and pains associated with everyday living.

It is common for patients to report that range of motion improves, pain lessens, and quality of life improves as a result of chiropractic treatment. Sometimes changes are immediate and in some cases depending on the condition, changes are slow to occur. Patients notice a difference in 3-5 treatments and full recovery after 6-8 visits on average* depending on the nature of your injury.

*Although the Provincial average is 6-8 visits the range is large with some patients responding much quicker and a few taking much longer.

Chiropractic adjustments are safe

Chiropractic manipulation has been proven to be safe, effective treatment for neck, mid-back, and lower back pain. A comprehensive review of scientific evidence noted that there is as much evidence supporting chiropractic care as for other treatments such as prescription and non-prescription drugs and surgery.[ref]Hurwitz EF, Carragee EJ, van der Velde G, et al. Treatment of neck pain: noninvasive interventions. Results of the bone and joint decade 2000–2010 task force on neck pain and its associated disorders. Eur Spine J. 2008; 17(Suppl 1): 123-52. doi:  10.1007/s00586-008-0631-z.[/ref]

Doctors of chiropractic are trained to work with patients to achieve and document informed consent, which involves describing the risks and benefits of all treatment options before the selected treatment is performed.

The most common side effects associated with chiropractic care are temporary. These are typically symptoms of increased pain, radiating pain, and/or stiffness that usually resolve within 24 hours of treatment. Serious complications are rarely associated with chiropractic care. 

What about neck manipulation?

Millions of neck manipulations are performed safely each year, providing patients relief from common forms of neck pain and headache, and helping them to get back to their normal activities. If you have upper neck pain or a headache, be very specific about your symptoms. This will help your chiropractor offer the safest and most effective treatment, even if it involves referral to another healthcare provider.

Do not hesitate to discuss any concerns you may have with your chiropractor. Depending on your clinical condition, he or she will recommend the most appropriate and safest treatment for your particular condition. Treatments may include joint mobilization, therapeutic exercise, soft tissue techniques, or other therapies.