About us

Musculoskeletal and related conditions affect 8 out of 10 British Columbians at least once during their lifetime. Chiropractors are here to help you recover quickly and stay healthy.

The British Columbia Chiropractic Association (BCCA) is dedicated to furthering the chiropractic profession through public awareness, promotion of health research and meaningful partnerships.

Awareness: We provide the public with facts about health care, empowering British

Columbians to make informed decisions about their care for safer and optimum outcome.

Research: We are proud to support groundbreaking spine research in Canada, resulting in better diagnostics, innovative treatments and injury prevention methods.

Partnerships: We work on behalf of chiropractic doctors in our province to increase acceptance of the profession by forging alliances with health authorities and agencies and by creating care policies that benefit the public.


The BC Chiropractic profession was first legislated in 1934, and prior to that was served by the Council of Chiropractors, which was established in 1922. In 1991, the BCCA was founded as a separate member organization due to the resulting growth of doctors of chiropractic in BC.

Today, the BCCA serves to represent the province’s chiropractic doctors in professional relationships with health authorities, the legal community, the public and the media.

Public Benefits

The BCCA supports organizations in their delivery of member services or benefits to clients, as well as the development of their health related policy. This support includes available reports on health care outcomes, cost, and reduction of wage loss. The BCCA will assist in providing speakers to public events or organization’s conferences. To contact the BCCA on any of these matters please contact us.

  • Health Authorities
  • Employers
  • Labour Unions
  • Insurers
  • Schools

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